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A Taste of Hungary: Exploring Typical Hungarian Plates


Hungarian cuisine is known for its rich flavors, hearty dishes, and unique culinary traditions. From savory stews to sweet pastries, the country's food reflects its history and cultural influences. In this blog post, we will take you on a culinary journey through Hungary, exploring some of the typical foods that you must try when visiting this beautiful country.

1. Goulash (Gulyás):

Let's start with Hungary's most famous dish, goulash. This hearty stew is made with tender beef, onions, paprika, and a variety of vegetables. It is traditionally cooked in a cauldron over an open fire, giving it a smoky and robust flavor. Goulash is often served with fresh bread or dumplings, making it a satisfying and comforting meal.

2. Lángos:

Lángos is a popular street food in Hungary. This deep-fried dough is typically topped with sour cream, grated cheese, and garlic. It can also be served with various other toppings like ham, sausage, or vegetables. Lángos is a delicious and indulgent treat that is perfect for a quick snack or a late-night bite.

3. Chicken Paprikash (Paprikás Csirke):

Chicken Paprikash is a classic Hungarian dish that showcases the country's love for paprika. Tender chicken pieces are cooked in a creamy sauce made with onions, paprika, and sour cream. It is typically served with Hungarian dumplings (nokedli) or egg noodles, creating a comforting and flavorful meal.

4. Hortobágyi Palacsinta:

Palacsinta, similar to crepes, are a popular Hungarian dish that can be enjoyed as a main course or dessert. Hortobágyi Palacsinta is a savory version filled with a mixture of ground meat, onions, and spices. The filled crepes are then baked in the oven and served with a rich tomato sauce. It's a delicious and satisfying dish that is sure to please your taste buds.

5. Dobos Torta:

Dobos Torte is a classic Hungarian dessert that is as beautiful as it is delicious. This multi-layered cake is filled with rich chocolate buttercream and topped with a caramel glaze. The cake's signature feature is the thin layer of caramel on top, often decorated with intricate patterns. Dobos Torte is a must-try for any dessert lover.

6. Kürtőskalács:

Kürtőskalács, also known as chimney cake, is a sweet pastry that is popular in Hungary. The dough is wrapped around a cylindrical spit, then baked until golden and crispy. It is often coated in cinnamon sugar or other toppings like nuts or chocolate. Kürtőskalács is a delightful treat that is perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth.

7. Rétes (Strudel):

A strudel is a type of layered pastry with a filling that is usually sweet, but savoury fillings are also common. It became popular in the 18th century throughout the Habsburg Empire. Strudel is part of Austrian cuisine and German cuisine but is also common in other Central European cuisines. 

Hungarian cuisine offers a wide range of flavors and dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. From the iconic goulash and savory lángos to the indulgent Dobos Torte and kürtőskalács, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Explore the culinary delights of Hungary and immerse yourself in the rich flavors and traditions of this beautiful country.


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