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Container, Raised Bed, or In-Ground? How to Choose the Right Type of Garden for Your Space


If you're reading this article it means that you finally decided to start you own garden. YES!

But where to start? Do you start planting in a container? raised-in beds? or directly in the ground? Let's find together the best solution for you, continue reading to see the 3 types of plantations that you can choose from to begin this journey.


Containers are the best solutions for people without a yard.


- You can plant anywhere and everywhere, containers can be placed wherever

- Container gardens allow you to grow different plants with different soil needs

- Light gardening tools, does not require heavy manual labor


- Plants that are grown in containers tend to dry out more easily

- You must use fertilisers and add them to the soil on a consistent basis

- You're limited, it's not possible to grow a lots of plants in only one container, one container can be only used for one type of plant

- limited growth, containers also limit the growth of a plant because you're confining the roots


Now, raised beds are more expensive, but it also has the motive why. Not everything's better that's expensive but in this case that myth is true.


- Drain it! Raised beds have better drainage so plants won't stay too much wet for long.

- You can choose the bed's material: metal, wood, stone...

- It's easily accessible for people who may have some disabilities, also, for older people it's much easier to plant in raised beds.

- Perfect Soil! You can match the soil just perfectly to your plant's needs.


- Be aware of the material, if you choose a wooden bed, it will have to be replaced since wood does not mean forever.

- Dryness, the soil will dry out much faster.

- It's also more expensive than other methods.

- Winter, raised-beds are colder in winter since they are exposed to the cold more than an in-ground garden.


In-ground gardening is one of the most common way to start your garden. Planting right into the ground is the way farming was born. You can simply do it in your backyard.


- Low cost (no need to spend money on beds, containers or pots)

- No space limit (you can create a garden of any size to fit your space and needs)

- Already have the space for your garden (your backyard is your best friend in this case, so you already have all the space that you want to start a plantation)


- There could be contaminants and toxic substances in the ground. This way your vegetables and fruits won't be edible, we don't want to plant edibles in a toxic soil. In case you decide to choose an in-ground garden you must be sure that the soil is ok, so you must test it before starting to plant anything.

- Planting lates/ harvesting later. When you plant into the ground directly you have to know that it warms up last, raised bad warm up sooner so it may be your cup of tee if you don't want to wait longer for the ground to warm up.


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