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How I Fell In Love With Running


Now, let's be honest 99% of us hated running while in High School or University. But as we get "older" (I know the word "older" is scary but don't worry...) we start liking things that we hated when we were younger. That's so strange, right? but it's true.

I love so many things now that I absolutely hated before, and one of those things is running.

How exactly got I into running?'s this super woman called Cassia Tierney. I absolutely love her she really knows how to motivate people and what she have achieved is incredible.

First, I started running only every Saturday morning, and now I go almost every morning on a walk after my yoga session at home. If you told me a year ago that before going to work I would wake up 3 hours earlier just to go running and to do yoga I would laugh at you, but now this is my routine and my mood and health have changed both a lot!

This also helped me to eat better, to cook healthier meals and to take vitamins regularly.

If you want to get into running follow this super woman and stay motivated! Down below you're able to see her instagram.

My Favourite Running Shoes,


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