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It's Clog Season - What Do We Think About The New Trendy Shoes?


Clogs? We're here for them! But let's break down a few things here, why exactly are the "ugly" clogs the style statement of our times?

It all started from a clunky-chunky dutch work-footwear and it became a fashion favourite especially in 2023. Clogs will definitely be THE SHOE of this summer so prepare yourself and your credit card for some great clogs.

Supermodels are constantly bringing back vintage-stylish looks, this way the clogs are also making a huge comeback and everybody is here for it. Models such as Bella Hadid, Elsa Hosk, and Kendall Jenner or the Olsen twins are all agreeing on one things: It's official clog-summer season.

We, the REVE team are for sure a team that are known for loving everything that's strange or ugly looking, so we're agreeing with bringing back the clog trend.

Now, we have to educate ourselves about this trend, how do we wear or style clogs?

These "ugly" shoes can really go with anything and everything, you can either style it with a dress, office-day outfits or with a cozy outfit.

"The other day I was cycling around Forte dei Marmi (Tuscany, Italy) in my cozy clogs and I just adored this outfit! These shoes are really fitting any style and occasion." - Stefanie B.


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