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My Favourite Creamy Matcha Latte Recipe


Matcha, the famous fine powdered Japanese green tea. The ritual of making matcha is a calming way to get your caffeine fix. Follow our step by step guide how to achieve a perfect & creamy matcha.

Why is this Japanese green tea my favourite morning drink?

This creamy tea contains a considerable amount of caffeine and offers a calming sense of ritual, it’s a perfect drink to start your mornings calmly and peacefully.

To prepare this drink you’ll need some special equipment that’s made specifically for matcha:

  • Handmade bamboo whisk (called chasen)

  • Tea bowl (called matcha-chawan)

  • Measuring ladle (called chashaku)

  • Tea stainer

  • Matcha powder (Japanese green tea)

1. If you would like to prepare only one cup of matcha you’ll need approx 2 grams of the powder placed into the tea stainer.

2. Sift your matcha powder into the tea bowl (swirling the powder around the stainer with the measuring ladle).

3. It’s time to add some water! Pour boiling hot water (approx 2 ounces) into your teacup, let it cool down for a minute.

4. Carefully pour the hot water from your teacup into the bowl with the matcha powder.

5. Grab your handmade bamboo whisk (chasen) and start gently mixing the ingredients together. Relax your wrist and whisk until it has a smooth texture (10-15 seconds).


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