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My Favourite OLAPLEX Hair-care Products


Is OLAPLEX worth the hype? YES.

I get many hair-related questions on Instagram, so I made this post to show you my favourite Olaplex products that are keeping my hair shiny, strong and healthy.


It's an at home kind of hair treatment, which helps with damaged hair that was bleached. It reduces hair breakage and protect the structure of your hair. If you have problems brushing your hair because it gets tangly and dry this product will help you in that case as well. It gives shine to your hair, less knots and easy to brush hair. The no.3 Hair Perfector also helps repair the hair bonds which gets damaged after strong heat damage or with bleaching the hair etc. Now, let's talk about the budget, it's a bit pricey product, it costs around 20-25€ per 100ml.

How to use it? Rinse hair and towel dry and then apply your Olaplex No.3 Hair perfector treatments. Leave it for 10 minutes minimum, you can also apply it as an over-night treatments and rinse it off in the morning.


If you're looking for a shinier and healthier hair, after using the bond maintenance shampoo by Olaplex you will have perfectly healthy hair results even after only one wash. PH-balanced reparative No.4 formula & super moisturising. It's a sulphate-free, alcohol, gluten free, and colour protector, also strengthens, repairs and maintains the bond within the hair, but you can guess that from the name of the product. I like this products because it's free of silicones and oils, and we all know that silicones are not a friend for our hair. The No.4 shampoo by Olaplex helped me a lot with my frizzy hair and it dramatically improved my hair growth.

Olaplex is not testing their products on animals so that's for sure a plus for me.

I hope you liked my quick review of some of my favourite products from Olaplex. Let me know on Instagram @stefaniebudai if you tried these products!


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