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Our Favourite Beach Club in Mykonos - Tropicana


Finding the perfect beach club that you can return to each day why on vacation because you know that it won't be boring, is HARD to find. I have a large experience of vacations and finding the right beach clubs in each destination where I travel. Because of this, you don't have to worry, the RÊVE crew got your back.

If your planning on travelling to Mykonos island in Greece, or if you're already there and searching for a great beach club. Well, you're just at the right place in the right time.

Tropicana is our favourite and must-to-visiti beach club in Mykonos. Why ? Let us show you around.

Where is it located? Tropicana is located on Paradise Beach, Mykonos island. It's on the south side of the island 6 km away from Chora, between Super Paradise and Paraga Beach. It's one of the most famous places on the on Mykonos to party on the beach.

At what time do they close? Tropicana, usually closes at 1:00 AM. If we're talking about the season-time frame, beach clubs are usually open from June-September (end of September). In October most of the clubs and beach clubs are all closed on the island.

Dress code? Since it's the ultimate party destination of the island, there must be some rules, right? Smiles and swimsuits are the only dress code at this amazing beach club!

Do you need a reservation? For most of the beach clubs in Mykonos you'll find you need a reservation to have the best experience with a private table and bottles. Of course, you can almost always go to beach clubs as a "free spirit" without a table or a reservations. Just having drinks and dancing around.

Don't know where to stay near? We got your back don't worry! This beach club also has it's own hotel so if you would like to stay in the near zone/ circle of this place, it's perfect! Find them on Instagram @tropicana_hotel_mykonos or on their web-site directly. Do not hesitate to contact them or to book a suit for you and your friends/ partner.

Find and contact them on Instagram @tropicana_mykonos_official

Take a look at our tour at the beach club



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