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Our Favourite Clean-Ish Self-Tanners That Give Us More Confidence


I'm sure that we all had that period in our life when we looked like a carrot at least for one week because we wanted a great tan so much but we're just white as the snow.

It's DNA, I got my skin type/color from my father, and don't get me wrong I like both white and black skin colour but isn't it just lovely to get a sexy bronzed tan to look great on a date night with a red lipstick and a white dress? Well, yes!.

On this picture you can see me wearing the Bali Body 1 hour Tan and I think it's super pretty!

I was searching for the best fake tan for so long, I've tried every single brand so I'm here to tell you some good quality self tanner so you don't have to embarrass yourself and look like a carrot.

  1. Tan Luxe

  1. Bali Body


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