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Under 200€ Spa Day at Home For The Weekends


Who don't like to spend a full spa-day at home and relax? I love going on a weekend getaway in a spa, where I live (in Tuscany) there are a lot of places that have thermal spas and spa hotels, but it can quickly become an expensive addiciton.

That's why sometimes I prefer to stay at home and to create a spa day at home all by myself, yes, for the first time you need to spend a little bit of money but those products will last soo long! For me these products (that you can see down below) are enough for a few months.

When it comes to body-products I like to use brands that have good quality lotions, salts and oils. Remember, it's not always good to go for the cheapest option when it comes to your skin, it's also true that expensive products are not always the best! I 've made a selection of both pricey and cheap products that I absolutely adore.

Let's see those products together:

  1. Let's EXFOLIATE

2. Drop the BOMB

3. Time to rinse with a BODY WASH

4. Get oily with a BODY OIL

5. Get creamy with a BODY BUTTER

6. It's time to put the MASK on


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