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What Do I Think About The New AirPods Max ?


Now, If you know me, you may also know that I'm obsessed with Apple devices and I'm only using Apple for working. As soon as I heard that Apple is launching their first ever headphone I got very excited so when it was launched I bought it. I'm here to tell you my honest opinion this is not a collaboration or a paid post, it's simply my personal opinion about the AirPods Max/ Silver colour.


Of course the first thing that we all want to discuss when we're purchasing or just looking for a new products is the price. It's not easy to stomach that the product's cost is 629,00€. Yes, you read that right. Of course Apple hasn't even blinked or thought about changing that value.


I think we can all agree that the design of these headphones is simply breathtaking, the silver colour is more elegant so that's why I've chosen it. Even two years after their debut this products is one of the post popular headphones ever on the market. The Airpods Max plays the part of luxury headphones very well.

The headband is made of stainless steel and the ear cups are aluminium, they feel extremely sturdy, hard and just great quality. You also have to consider one thing, these headphones are also heavy, because of the good quality (stainless steel and aluminium) parts it weights 385 grams, it does not mean that they aren't comfortable though, for me, personally they are very comfortable. The headband is brilliantly engineered to even the weight.

The paddings are without any doubt one of my favourite things about this products. You can easily pop off the padding to replace or clean them if needed. The headband feels really nice and light, it's made out of breathable knit mesh, it's distributing weight to reduce on head pressure. The stainless steel frame is wrapped with a soft-touch material for a remarkable combination of strength, comfort & flexibility.


Apple claims the AirPods Max will last you around 20 hours of constant playback with active noise cancelling turned on. In my opinion they last even more, of course it also depends on how much are you using them during the day, but for me they also last around 21-22 hours without charging.


The AirPods Max headphones offer a very clear, well-balanced sound that makes it easy to pick apart individual aspects of a song. The noise-cancelling option in my opinion works fantastically, when I'm working out or working in a bar I can't hear any noise if the noise cancelling mode is on. The transparency mode is excellent, sounding very close to wearing no headphones at all.

If you're looking for elegant, fashion, stylish, and high quality headphones with noise cancelling mode, these will be perfect for you. The prices in my opinion is a bit high but it's definitely worth the quality of the audio and the materials.


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