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What's In Our Control vs What's Out of Our Control?


Not having things and situations in our control is a completely normal thing, having control over everything is impossible.

When things don't go our way it's easy to get trapped or influenced by a wrong thought. By this we start making illusions about all the things that are not going well at the moment, and start worrying about anything that could happen (something wrong of course, if you'd be having positive thought all the time you wouldn't be here right now searching for answers).

We put a lot of focus and energy on the things that we can't control. As human beings it's normal to feel the need of having control over our lives and over the things that will happen in it.

Writing down plans and goals in our diaries and calendars is an illusion of control. Not that it's a bad thing, having a routine or a habit helps us to live our life in a more organised and motivated way, so it's a positive thing. We get through the day much more easily if we have planned out most of our time.

So where's the problem? Let us tell you...the issue is not that we're sticking to a plan or an to have an organised day. The problem kicks in when it does not go that way because life throws something in our way and our day/ week/ year can't go the way we wanted anymore.

Having always everything planned out is not that simple and great. When something changes so things don't go as planned, you can easily feel powerless or as a failure. Don't overthink too much about the things that you can't control because that means that you're investing way less energy in the things that you can actually control.

Surrendering to things that you can't control does not mean that you're a failure, as time passes it will make you happier and feel more powerful once you realise how many things you can actually control in your life.

Whenever I find myself moving from a positive outlook to a negative one, I try my best to bring my attention back to the most important aspect of all.

STAY FOCUSED ON WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL - Stay focused on what's within your control, and you'll live your life in a beautiful state of mind. Living in peace is our goal.


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